Wedbizsolo provides honest support for solopreneurs in the wedding industry to help you grow your wedding business to give you the freedom to live your dream lifestyle.

    Hi I am Dr Dee McMeeking.

    Currently I am a solopreneur, my business is Dee McMeeking Wedding Styling where I am the chief & only wedding planner, wedding stylist and florist, and every other role that is needed to make my business work!

    Your path has intersected with mine here today at a really exciting time for me as I bring together all of my experience as a solopreneur and a mentor into my new venture WedBizSolo. A supportive online space for solopreneurs working within the wedding industry (other industries are more than welcome but I will share more specifics about the wedding industry because that's what I know about and work in!).

    What I want to do is share my journey with you and give you the benefit of my wins and my epic fails! We are all on our own personal journey but if you have a dream to run your own business and to live a life of freedom in which you can choose what you want to spend your time doing every day, then you are in great company here. That's my dream too and I am on the road to achieving this. So come on over and follow the WedBizSolo page - we can do this!

    Sharing information and ideas is in my DNA and I have worked as a professional teacher and tutor at a number of different levels. My background is in the field of education where I studied geography to PhD level and this is where I found my obsession with travel, exploring and understanding the world we live in. I think this probably led me indirectly to work in the wedding industry where we can create amazing experiences for our clients.

    I have no business background, no corporate world experience. I literally started my business from nothing. I have had a rollercoaster ride over the past 5 years with some amazing highs and epic fails! And WedBizSolo is all about sharing these with you. What I’ve done that worked and what hasn’t worked. So if you want to come along and join me on my freedom seeking journey of solopreneurship in the wedding industry then you are more than welcome.

    You can follow me on Instagram where I share inspirational quotes 5-6 times a week, or on my Facebook page where all the magic happens! I look forward to hearing from you.

    I am thinking about setting up a facebook group for those of you who would like to have more direct access to ask for help, encouragement or advice and share with each other. If you’re interested just leave your email address below and I’ll let you be the first to know when it happens.

    Best wishes



    WedBizSolo is in its infancy and like everything we do we have to start small and grow. Growing takes time and I would rather take a little longer and present you with something awesome than fast rubbish! So if you like my content and want to be the first to hear about what’s new and release dates then leave me your name and email and I’ll let you know. Thanks. Dee

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